Standard Issue Citizen, “Torches”
“Longstanding Buffalo/Pittsburgh aggro-electro act Standard Issue Citizen have been gigging the fuck out of New England and the surrounding regions of late without much in the way of new releases, so it’s nice to hear them re-emerging with a declarative pepe-smashing anti alt-right single. It’s sad that it takes something so blunt to make what should be self-evident obvious, but it’s still refreshing to hear it: fuck any and all white nationalist water-carrying rivets.”

Standard Issue Citizen, “No More Rain”
“Futurepop is a good venue for sentiment and melancholia, check the new single from Pittsburgh’s Standard Issue Citizen for a perfect example. It’s a song about overcoming fear and doubt, and as such it’s melody and arrangement have an uplifting quality that speaks to the genre’s inspirative qualities. We also detect some hints of modern electropop in the arrangement, acknowledging some of the broader trends in electronic music since the mid-aughts, a fine addition to an otherwise established formula.”

Microwaved – Escape (Standard Issue Citizen Remix)
“With a slow, trippy beat and classically industrial rock progression reminiscent of the likes of 12 Rounds or Chainsuck, this song is immediately compelling and engaging in all of its incarnations, from the overly noisy ambience of the Liar’s Conspiracy remix to the eerily slowed industrial clamor of Mickle Blvd, the dark electro/EBM of the Standard Issue Citizen remix to the gothic electro of Ego Likeness’ Velocity remix.”