Standard Issue Citizen Live

Past Performances

2017.09.22Erie, NYBasement TransmissionsErie ComiCon Cosplay Prom
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2017.09.12Cleveland, OHPat’s in the Flats
w/ Panic Lift, FIRES
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also w/ Humachine, Silence Embrace, DJ Tankgrrl
2016.11.05Louisville, KYThe Cure Lounge
w/ Deconbrio
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2016.10.28Toronto, ONThe Opera House
w/ Assemblage 23
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also w/ nTTx, The Greatest Fear, DJ Lazarus
2016.10.04Buffalo, NYMohawk Place
w/ Assemblage 23
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also w/ Optic Oppression, Soul Reactor
2016.07.09Lakewood, OHPhantasy Concert ClubElectronic Saviors IV Release Party w/ Ego Likeness
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also w/ Mindless Faith, Interface
2016.06.08Pittsburgh, PAHowler’s Coyote Cafew/ God Module, Finite Automata
2015.11.03Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sw/ God Module
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also w/
Voicecoil, Mordacious, Two Dead Roses, DJ Einsam Fechter, DJ Lunchbox
2015.08.22Pittsburgh, PAThe Smiling Moosesee more
w/ Leeja Stark Band, Patron Saints, DJ Valek
2015.07.04Pittsburgh, PAThe Night Gallerysee more
w/ Infekt, Eric Fellows, DJ Valkyrie, DJ Narla Thotep
2015.05.29Brook Park, OHFastbacksw/ Angelspit, The Gothsicles
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also w/ Syringe, BlurrAngels, One Man’s Failure
2015.03.31Buffalo, NYThe Forvmw/ Seabound, Architect
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also w/ DJ Nekrotique
2014.12.28Albany, NYThe Low Beat
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w/ Destroy Eleven, Sirenne, DJ Jezebel in Hell
2014.12.26Buffalo, NYMohawk Place
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w/ Mechanical Vein, Third Realm, Garda, Digital Afterlife, Blue Lazer, Ni25, BlurrAngels
2014.07.27Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sw/ Grendel, Ludovico Technique
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also w/ Man Woman Machine
2014.07.18Chicago, ILLive Wire LoungeElectronic Saviors III Release Party w/ iVardensphere, Dead on TV
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also w/ Seeming, Rein[forced], Cryogen Second, Servitor, Boxed Warning
2014.07.12Hamtramck, MISmall’sElectronic Saviors III Release Party
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w/ Rein[forced], Seeming, Boxed Warning
2014.07.12New Orleans, LAHowlin’ WolfSouthern Gothic Festival w/ Assemblage 23
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also w/ Infekt, Lovacaine
2014.05.27Pittsburgh, PAHowler’s Coyote Cafew/ De/vision
2014.05.24Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sw/ Aesthetic Perfection, Panic Lift
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also w/ Surgyn
2014.05.10Pittsburgh, PA31st Street Pubw/ LeƦther Strip, Boxed Warning
2014.03.29Pittsburgh, PA31st Street Pubw/ Nachtmahr, Ludovico Technique
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also w/ Esoterik

2013.09.12Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sw/ Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes
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also w/ Third Realm
2012.09.10Pittsburgh, PAMexico Cityw/ Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes
2013.09.08Allentown, PAJabber Jawsw/ Psyclon Nine, Dawn of Ashes
2013.08.03Pittsburgh, PAMexico City
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w/ Blight vs Blight
2013.07.12New York, NYThe Studio at Webster Hall w/ Ghostfeeder
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also w/ Danny Blu, Garek
2013.04.28Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sw/ Hanzel und Gretyl
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also w/ Skinbound
2013.03.29Erie, NYBasement Transmissions A Call To Arms Tour
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w/ Third Realm, DisgraceD
2013.03.10Somerville, MAPA’s LoungeA Call To Arms Tour
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w/ Transdusk, Streak, Antidote for Annie
2013.03.09Albany, NYValentine’sA Call To Arms Tour
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w/ Doomsday Virus, A Klokwek Khaos
2013.03.08Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sA Call To Arms Tour
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w/ Third Realm, Armageddon Party, Digital Afterlife, Angelsblurr
2012.12.15Pittsburgh, PAIronworks
2012.07.24Springfield, MOZealSuperhero Tour
2012.07.22Indianapolis, INIndy’s JukeboxSuperhero Tour
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w/ The Deity, Xiting the Systm
2012.07.20Lake Villa, ILSwing StateSuperhero Tour
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w/ Those Kickstarts, Evoli, Evil Twin Sister, Classy Dames, You Are A Photograph
2012.07.19Lansing, MIZeppelin’sSuperhero Tour
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w/ Neural Tear
2012.07.18Bowling Green, OHUptownSuperhero Tour w/ Slick Idiot
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also w/ Promonium Jesters
2012.07.15Buffalo, NYBroadway Joe’sSuperhero Tour
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w/ Third Realm, Rustworm, DREK
2012.07.14Albany, NYValentine’sSuperhero Tour
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w/ Nekronet, Rustworm, Last Day Alice
2012/07/13Erie, NYBasement TransmissionsSuperhero Tour
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w/ DisgraceD, Gelatin Skeleton
2011.06.26Albany, NYValentine’sw/ Espermachine
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also w/ Love for the Masses
2011.05.13Pittsburgh, PABloomfield Bridge Tavernw/ Shutterdown
2010.10.15Albany, NYValentine’s
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w/ Doomsday Virus, Distopic, Streak
2010.10.08Albany, NYValentine’s
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w/ BEWARE! the Other Head of Science
2010.09.26Willimantic, CT
2010.09.24Warwick, NY
2010.09.18Allenstown, NHw/ Twitch the Ripper
2010.09.11Valatie, NY
2010.08.20Pittsfield, MAHaven
2010.08.19Albany, NYValentine’sw/ Mankind Is Obsolete, Streak
2010.06.15Rensselaer, NY
2010.06.10Albany, NYRed Square
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w/ Robot Monster
2010.04.15Albany, NYValentine’s
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w/ Streak, Skeletons in the Piano
2009.06.13Mechanicville, NY
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w/ Streak, Doomsday Virus
2009.05.08Troy, NYZombie Prom Fundraiser
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w/ Zombie Bomb, Tentatcles
2009.03.28Albany, NYValentine’sw/ echostream, Doomsday Virus
2008.12.27Albany, NYValentine’sA Goth Christmas
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w/ Gradient
2008.05.24Albany, NYValentine’sw/ Mankind Is Obsolete
2007.10.13Rochester, NY